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How to Attract Business Travelers To Your Short Term Rental

Attracting business travelers has become easier than ever before with professionals from all fields now finding themselves in an online environment. Within this article we will go over what business travelers expect, how to target this market as well as what items you need to ensure you can provide a great stay.  So, let's get started!

    Top 11 ways to attract business travelers to your short term rental:

    1. Understand What Business Travelers Want And Need
    2. Set Up A Dedicated Work Space With A Printer
    3. Skype Proof The Office
    4. Invest In Good Wifi
    5. Provide A Great Night's Sleep
    6. Offer Fitness Packages Or A Home Gym
    7. Consider Concierge Services To Compete With Hotels
    8. Invest In Your Guests' Health And Relaxation
    9. Keep Communication And Check-In Simple
    10. Market Your Home Properly
    11. Provide A Business Referral Fee

    After reading this article you will know exactly what items you need to stock in your home to ensure a pleasurable stay for your business clients as well as how to market your home properly to this clientele.

    So, are you ready to blow your competition out of the water and attract respectful, responsible and (mostly) low maintenance business travelers to your home?  Well sit back, relax and let me show you how!

    business travelers suitcase

    Understand What Business Travelers Want And Need

    Not all business travelers want the same thing so I am going to help you understand what the general population of business travelers require in rental properties and throw in some caveats when applicable.

     First off, what is a business traveler? 

    Business travelers, hence the name, are traveling for the purpose of business.  Their work has sent them to your city to negotiate deals, make contacts, research growth or development in your area, complete a get the point.  They are here to work and learn a little more about the territory. These business trips usually consist of work, some leisure and outings with clients.

     What are the needs of a business traveler? 

    Business travelers want easy check ins, clean spaces, comfortable beds and great amenities that support the work life balance needed while working on the road.

    Amenities such as an office or a dedicated workspace and wifi are all required when marketing to these guests.  Guests traveling for work will be flying or driving into your city for a few days or weeks so you must provide everything they will need during their stay with you especially since many will only bring a carry on - counting on you to provide the rest.

    Business travelers are typically traveling solo although more people are traveling and working with their families since the pandemic, in that case, people may not only be looking for a dedicated work space but an office so that the parents can shut. the. door... 

     What do business travelers look for in a rental? 

    As these travelers or their companies look for rentals for their business trip, they are looking for a place that is conveniently located to where they will be going to every day, one that has easy access to transportation (whether it be public or Ubers, etc.), and they are looking for places with easy and hassle-free parking.  Beyond location and accessibility, these guests will also be looking for amenities such as an iron, ironing board, coffee, wifi and a dedicated workspace.

    caveat to this would be digital nomads, these guests are quite flexible in location and usually want to integrate into the community because their stays are usually much longer.

    desk with ergonomic chair and printer

    Set Up A Dedicated Work Space With A Printer

    This is the gold.  This is where you can set yourself apart from the competition and really gear your vacation rental towards business travelers.

    The key concept here is easy.  You will want to put effort into making your guests' life as easy as possible - if you do this the reviews will clearly show the effort you have put in to make your guest's stay incredible. Take a look below for items that your guests will love you for:

     Shopping list for a well thought out workspace for business travelers: 

    • Printer/scanner AND paper
    • Extra ink cartridges
    • Whiteboard/calendar
    • Pens, pencils and highlighters
    • Pen pot
    • Paperclips
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Stapler
    • 3 Ring hole punch


    • Sticky notes
    • Custom notepad
    • Calculator
    • Extra chargers, HDMI, usb's
    • Shredder
    • Envelopes and stamps
    • Hanging file folders
    • Ergonomic chair
    • Travel coffee mug
    • Lint brush
    • White out

    If you really want to be the hostess with the mostess consider stocking your home with items that make your business travelers more comfortable and focused like electric coffee mugs that keep coffee warm for hours or a wireless phone charger at the desk so they can sit and charge their phone without hassle.  These items earn you extra brownie points.

     Homework:  Take a moment and think to yourself, "what will a person traveling for business need?" Put yourself in their shoes and go through their work day, habits and routines to see if you can find an additional item that didn't make it on my lists. If and when you think of that additional amenity, don't forget to market it on your listing!

    skype background decor

    Skype Proof The Office

    This may not be necessary but it is something that EVERY professional thinks about so if you take the time to notice and offer this amenity your guests will thank you.  This 'amenity' isn't listed anywhere as such, I am probably the first person to think of it as an amenity but ultimately when you are making life easier for people and offering an additional service this is considered an amenity in my book.

    As your business travelers host meetings on Skype they will need to have a classy, non offensive background to represent their sense of professionalism during online meetings and offering this amenity could set you apart from the crowd.

    As you decide what this could look like for your guests within your space, consider these design elements when putting together a professional backdrop:
    • Trinkets
    • Calendar blocks
    • Books and book ends
    • Clocks
    • Hourglasses
    • Plants
    • Vases

     Do it:  As soon as you design a background appropriate for a Skype meeting, snap a photo of it market this new amenity on your listing!

    wifi symbol in coffee foamInvest In Good Wifi

    "Does your home have high speed internet?"

    This is a common question all travelers will ask but especially business travelers because no one can afford a glitch during a meeting.  Do your guests and yourself self a favor and include a photo of your speed test upon marketing your home to this target market, because this market is looking for this AND will ask you! 

     Pro Tip:   If you invest in just one thing to upgrade your home for business travelers, it should be your internet.  If you don't have a great connection or a slow speed, you will never capture this market due to their very nature of having to be online for work.

    Great sleep in a vacation rental

    Provide A Great Night's Sleep

    Help your guests unwind after a long day at the home office and make sure their bed is equipped with just as many luxuries as you have stocked for their desk.

     Items to offer for a great night's sleep: 

    • sleep mask
    • earplugs
    • night stands
    • lamps for nightstands
    • comfy sheets and pillows
    • black out curtains
    • quality mattress
    • white noise for sleeping
    • Sleepy time tea
    • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc.

    If you really want to be the hostess with the mostess, you can purchase flat and fluffy pillows so that your guest has the choice on which they prefer to sleep with.  Additionally, if your mattress isn't amazing, consider purchasing a nice mattress topper and this will do the trick!

     Pro Tip:   For sanitary reasons and to protect the investments you have made, mattress and pillow protectors are a must.  Mattresses are one of the dirtiest places in the home so do everything you can to ensure cleanliness between stays.  Additionally, if this is a short term rental, expects spills, anticipate accidents so you can prepare accordingly.  

    At home gym for vacation rentals

    Offer Fitness Packages Or A Home Gym

    Business travelers often have a fitness routine and if you make the work life balance easy for them they will keep coming back to stay with you!

    Showcase how much care and consideration you have put into your home for your guests by including a subscription to an at home work out program like Alo Moves.  Or include a gym membership bundled into your rental rate for your guests to utilize during their stay with you.

    Whatever you decide, make sure to translate this into your marketing efforts by communicating what you offer and why guests should choose to stay with you. 

    Concierge Massage Service

    Consider Concierge Services To Compete With Hotels

    Remember that business travelers may not have the time or energy to arrange tourist activities or even make dinner reservations so if you offer additional services that allow you to compete with hotels, guests will surely chose to stay in your home rather than share walls with strangers.

    This section in the blog isn't a must but it is worth considering. If you have the staff available or the energy to expand in this direction read on...

     Concierge services that could set you apart from your competition: 

    • Booking tourist activities for your guests

    • Personal assistant services

    • Unpacking/packing guest luggage add on

    • Translator

    • Yoga (pair with a local instructor and offer their services for additional fees)

    • Massage (pair with a local masseuse and offer their services for additional fees)

    • Dog walking services if guests are traveling with pets

    Only offer what you are able to.

    If you don't have the skill set to offer some of these services, take a survey of what services or add ons your guests would be willing to purchase and then find someone who would can be on call to provide these services to your guests. 

     Inspiration:   "If theres a will theres a way", "build it and they will come" :) 

    Stretching at a home office

    Invest In Your Guests' Health And Relaxation

    Not only do you want to provide an adequate workspace for your business travelers, but you also want to help them relax when they have some free time.

    Whether it be a nice big, comfy couch, an outdoor gazebo with some rocking chairs, or a nice bathtub with jets, you should always include a great place to help them de-stress and relax after a long day of work. If your home doesn't have these types of amenities, not to worry, there are additional items you can offer that still show you care!

     Ideas to help your business travelers unwind during or after the work day: 

    • Stress ball
    • Hourglass for reminders to drink water or take a deep breath
    • A robe and slippers
    • Bath bomb and bath salts
    • Inspirational quotes at the desk about a good work life balance
    • On-the-go snacks
    • Beverages: water, juice, herbal teas, etc
    • Aromatherapy - diffusers and essential oils

    Hosting is all about thinking of everything your guest may need, so take the time to understand your guest and anticipate their needs.

    self check in for a vacation rental

    Keep Communication And Check-In Simple

    Business travelers are used to staying in hotels where there is little to no contact and virtually no check in or check out procedures - keep in mind this is what your guests may want as well.

    They also have enough to worry and stress about when they are traveling to a new city to work so they don’t need the process of checking in, checking out, and communicating with you to be stressful too.

    Keep it easy and simple.

    Just stick to a contactless check in or "self check in", don't initiate contact beyond making sure your guest arrived safely and has everything they need and make sure they know they can contact you with any additional needs that way the communication ball is in their court.

    Marketing your home for a good value

    Market Your Home Properly

    You should now have everything you need in order to host a business traveler, now its time to communicate your efforts to your potential guests.

    Guests measure value based upon the level of satisfaction they receive during their stay from amenities offered to location and pricing of the home.  Be sure to clearly market your home so you don't overpromise and underdeliver or your reviews could suffer.

    See what pricing local hotels and other short term rentals are offering and weigh your amenities against theirs.  If you can provide an overall better stay then this of course warrants higher pricing but be mindful not to price yourself out of a good review :) 

    With higher prices comes more expectations so be ready to deliver!

    In order to show guests that you have the capability to host them during their business trip be sure to include:

    • Photos of the workspace/office
    • Photos of the Skype approved background
    • Speed test for your wifi
    • List how close you are to local restaurants, bars or attractions to further sell the location of your property.
    • List relaxation amenities to show you care

    ** Something to keep in mind is that the further out of the city you are, the more amenities you have to offer to be more of a benefit to your potential guests. For example if you aren't near any cafes you may have to offer breakfast to your guests as an extra incentive to stay.

    Business meeting

    Provide A Business Referral Fee

    Providing a business referral fee is more for if you are just getting started or wish to only cater to these types of clients. The listing sites you market with should already be bringing the business to the platform and its your job to stand out with your marketing and get good reviews so people trust you enough to book your rental.

    Business travelers likely will be coming back to your city frequently so offering them a deal, their company a deal or offering them a referral fee to attract more guests like them will definitely keep them loyal to you and your home.

    And if they love your space, they will recommend you to their coworkers. So take some extra time and make your rental property very business-friendly if you tend to like this clientele.

    You are now off to the races!

    Enjoy this process of trying to apply to a completely new market and congratulate yourself for working hard to become the best host you can be.

    Good luck posting your listing and please contact us if you need any assistance during this process or have any further questions for our team.

    Happy Hosting! 

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